What Size Suitcase Do I Need For Travel In Myanmar


Traveling to Myanmar via air

Traveling to Myanmar is quite affordable, and you can enjoy the wonders of this country by using different means of transport. Various tours are offered from time to time, some for tourism, and some for business. There are many destinations in the country where you can travel by air, such as Yangon, Mandalay, Chiang Mai, and others.

When you travel by air, you can book holiday package tours, including accommodation, activities, and meals.

These deals are also available for a limited period, or you can choose your holiday package tour. There are various reasons for selecting a holiday package tour.


Remember to check all the requirements of the chosen airline before you board on a plane. What size suitcase do you need to travel in Myanmar? Bear in mind that you can’t take everything you want on a flight. There are strict rules you need to follow. Choose the size of the suitcase suitable for your needs.

In this case, the less is better. The smaller your luggage will be, the cheaper the tickets. Don’t take too much stuff with you, because traveling with too many suitcases can be annoying.

Flight tickets are cheaper compared to other modes of transport. It is also less tiring. There are special packages for those who are traveling on their birthday or even their marriage.

Travel with a family

You can also take family trips when you take the train. The children get to learn about cultures and lifestyles while they travel with their parents. They also get to explore places that they would not usually get to see.

The train journey also provides you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Holidays in this country are highly recommended. Those who have an interest in relax can choose from many SPA resorts available.

family trip

It is a perfect solution for families because every member will be able to find something interesting. Popular resorts often include tennis courts, volleyball courts, a wide range of SPA services such as massages, facial and body treatments, manicure, and many more.

Explore the nature of the country. There are special packages that are available for travelers who wish to visit the Karen National Park. Some packages are available for taking the children to some special places of interest.

Some parks in the country offer activities such as water sports, water buffaloes, adventure activities, and even theme parks. You can visit these places during the off-season.

Requirements on arrival to Myanmar

The beautiful country of Myanmar surely deserves all the attention it gets. It is a great country to visit for your upcoming holidays.
Since 2014 many travelers from across the globe can visit Myanmar hassle-free. Citizens from visa-free lands can obtain an electronic visa online, using an online application form.

What are the requirements on arrival to the country? All tourists have to carry a passport and printed copy of an electronic visa. These documents have to be presented for verification at the airport.

Gloved hands holding out documents for air travel to the officer to check.

While applying, you can choose from two types of e-visa. Tourist e-visa is perfect for everyone who wishes to enter Myanmar for holidays. You can also use it to meet your relatives and friends from Myanmar.

Business e-visa can be used for business reasons, such as business meetings, conferences, negotiating, and more.
Since the whole process takes place online, your e-visa will be delivered as an attachment to an email message. Print it and carry it with you to make your trip stress-free.

Don’t hesitate and choose Myanmar as your next holiday destination; you surely won’t regret it.