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There are many types of women's shoes and here are the names and descriptions of many common and not so common types.

Shoes are an essential part of the footwear

In order to understand basic types of footwear that are available in market, it is essential to understand the reason for wearing them in general.

Shoes Details

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These are shoes where the foot has been supported all around the shoe front, rear and on both sides and can get an ankle strap. The sole is a one part type with a heel of almost any dimension using a high heel pumps frequently known as a stiletto.

Open toe shoe

This is essentially a pump shoe described above in which the front is cut away to expose each the feet. When this is completed to only expose the big toe or middle feet using a more compact cutaway it would be known as a peep hole shoe.

Wedge Shoe

This is any kind of lace footwear where the there is not any gap below the only meaning the full duration of the base of the shoe makes contact with the floor.
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This type of shoe is one that has a heel but does not have any support around the ankle and rear of the shoe or another way to describe it is as a heeled flip flop. These may be completely closed in the front or cut away as an open toe or peep hole shoe. ( More on this: page )

Mary Jane

This can be a flat or heeled shoe which like a pump encloses the foot all the way around it. Front of the shoe is square or very slightly rounded with a cross strap running across the foot central involving the ankle and toes.


These are shoes that fully enclose the foot and may come in flat, wedge and heeled styles. There are various types with the shortest being the shoulder high boot that reaches just above the ankle then it's the shoulder high boot that stops before reaching the knee and the Thigh high which covers the leg all the way to the thigh. Two lesser known boots are the crotch boots which reach all the way up the leg to the crotch and the Chap boot that's a modified crotch boot which has a piece of substance which reaches the hips and secured around the waist with a belt.

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The very first sort of shoe available in the marketplace today is the elegant shoe. It is made of fine leather and contains a strong sole that can step past a stone and still have the same form. They seem thin and sleek and are designed to coincide with the best suites on the market, complementing you features and which makes you seem truly professional. Gucci makes a number of the ideal office shoes ever seen on the marketplace and they utilize only the finest leathers. If you're a business man and you are looking to be as professional as possible and create the best first impression possible, then you are going to need to get yourself some elegant and classy leather shoes.

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The next kind of shoe available on the market is the sports shoe. They are designed for extreme physical effort and have the build to last a few decades. Some of them really look classy and can be worn with a wonderful pair of pants which might not be necessarily hip. What is clear about those sports shoes is they're separated in design by athletic domain names. By way of instance, a set of jogging shoes from Puma, will look completely different from basketball shoes from Nike.

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The previous type of shoe which actually combines the two is represented by male casual shoes. These shoes are made from leather and have the tendency to unite both worlds. They may be worn on a serious occasion in addition to a celebration or a driveway. They're comfortable and can also be designed to last. You can find them mostly in black, brown and white, and all these are the three main colours which are best suited for this type of shoe. In the case that you're wondering around the price range of some casual leather shoes, then the costs go from $50 to $100, depending on manufacturer and model.